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2018-11-27 10:17:28
The Trinity - How It Affects Home Property Value

We’re back again on another article about factors affecting home property value. This time, we’re going to talk about “the Trinity”. The Trinity -- is basically three things that people look for in a home property.

Distance to school

If you’re a parent, you want a school for your kid close enough to easily them off and pick them up every day. This could be basically a deal-breaker when you’re being a parent and working at the same time.

Distance to work

If you’re living in a busy city, distance from work is highly regarded. Due to the number of people residing in the business district, rush hour crowds roads and streets incredibly. Public transits are always welcome given you don’t mind rushing with other people, or you can just walk to work if it’s close enough.


Attractions such as parks, malls, and stores fall under this trinity. People look for the closest entertainment side of a city like shopping galore. Retail stores like Starbucks even plays a huge role in affecting home property value.

These three factors might not be relevant to each other but they provide an effect in one area - increase in home property value. Having one trinity won’t greatly affect the price. Make it two then you’re in for price competition. Take it all and you need to really know your budget and limitations.

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2018-11-27 10:17:28
The Trinity - How It Affects Home Property Value

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