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2018-11-17 04:21:46
The True Cost of Renting

Living in a city of your choice, working on your career, and living “the life” is easier said than done. If you’re just starting out on your career, there’s a huge chance you need to rent a place. And renting isn’t as easy as computing your initial renting expense -- it’s more than the “monthly rent”.


The very first thing in the equation is the deposit. Normally, you’ll be asked for a month deposit. However, it’s also normal that a landlord would also ask for the last month deposit and security deposit. In other words, you’ll need to shell out for the initial payment.

Additional Fees

Renting an apartment means application fee. Depending on the cost of the apartment itself, the application fee could cost at least $25 USD.

Moving with a pet? Not all rental place is accommodating to pets. More often than not they won’t allow it at all. If you’re lucky, they’d only charge you with pet fees on top of your current rent.

Renting also means moving. And if you happen to be moving along with an old furniture from your home, it’ll cost your moving fees. If not, then it only means you need to buy your own furniture unless the place you’re renting comes furnished already.

Cost of living

Be prepared to budget your salary. Apart from the rent, most of your expenditure will fall on transportation and food. It’s better if you’re well aware of and close to public transits. Food expense won’t be a problem, but what could be is the coffee you get from Starbucks every day. Add them all up in a month and you’ll be surprised how much you spend just to get that coffee sip.

Got a car? Should be easier for you then? Not really. You have your gas expense and then if you’re unlucky, you need to pay for parking fees.


You’re working your ass off so you need to get away from the stressful environment of the office. Whether that’s losing steam in the gym or pool, taking pilates, a drink with friends -- these still add up to the true cost of renting.

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